Title Commitments and Title Policies

Attorneys Title’s title insurance commitments are only issued after a thorough search and examination process. Attorneys Title offers both Owners Title Insurance Policies and Mortgagee Title Insurance Policies.

Attorneys Title issues a written report called a title insurance commitment prior to issuing any title insurance policies. The commitment identifies the record owner of the property, the legal description of the property, the requirements to complete a sale or loan, and a list of all recorded instruments that affect the title to the property. This information is important and usually, with a survey, will be used as a checklist for the requirements to convey good title and to buy title insurance.

Attorneys Title will confirm all requirements have been satisfied for a sale or a loan and then after a Closing handled by Attorneys Title, it will cause a title insurance policy to be issued. The policy shows the ownership and incorporates all other changes which took place up to the date of closing. Separate policies are written to protect the interests of the property owner and the lender.

Title Searches

A title search is a review of the public records for a specific parcel of land. The search includes a complete check on the property to the present day or to an effective date. A Title Search is used for informational purposes only and is not the basis for title

Owner & Encumbrance Reports

Attorneys Title also offers Ownership and Encumbrance reports which show the recorded liens and encumbrances that affect the title to a specific property. While there is a charge to obtain such a report, the amount is credited back at the time the title company issues a title insurance policy.

Closing and Escrow

Attorneys Title provides both Closing and Escrow services. Closing Services are usually for the purchase and sale of real estate or for a refinance of a loan on property already owned by the client. An Escrow is when Attorneys Title acts as a disinterested third-party, called an Escrow Agent or Holder. In an escrow, the Escrow agent is entrusted with legal documents or funds or both which are held subject to written directions from the parties called Escrow Instructions. The funds or legal documents are then paid or otherwise used as directed by the instructions, usually after the passage of time or a condition subsequent.

As an integral part of the Closing services provided, Attorneys Title will obtain a tax certificate, obtain loan pay-off information, and otherwise get the information necessary to prepare the Settlement Statements and other documents needed for a purchase, sale, or loan closing.

Document Preparation

Attorneys Title Insurance Agency of Aspen, LLC, can provide any documents you may need for a sale or loan transaction. In Colorado, some real estate forms are approved for general “fill-in-the-blanks” used by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. However, not every need has the appropriate form. In Colorado, except for the Colorado Real Estate Commission approved forms, only a Colorado licensed attorney is allowed to prepare custom documents. Attorneys Title, under the supervision of its in-house counsel has the capability to prepare and assist you with all the necessary documents for any type of transaction related to the purchase, sale, financing, and development of real estate.

Professional Closing Services

Attorneys Title staff works with its title department to quickly and professionally resolve any problems that may arise during and after your transaction. Attorneys Title also digitally stores you file after the closing so if in the future you need documents from your past closing, they are only an email away.

Evening and Weekend Closings

Service is one of the aspects that distinguishes Attorneys Title from other local title insurance companies. Our purpose is to provide our clients with the most expedient, accurate, consumer-oriented, closing and escrow services available. We are able to schedule closings on weekends or evenings with sufficient advance notice. We are also able to provide mail-out and courier based closings to provide for a buyer, seller or borrowers maximum convenience.

** Weekend closings require that the ENTIRE closing file be complete prior to the close of business on the preceding Friday for funding purposes. **

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